Queer Film Festivals, Politics and Pandemics

Sunday  15th  August @ 14:00

Venue: LGBT+ Danmark

Aks International Minorities Festival is a part of a network of niché and underground film and art festivals that are mainly driven with a motivation to bring change and demand minority rights. Aks festival in collaboration with LGBT+ Danmark will invite representatives from the sibling festivals, Pink Life QueerFest Turkey, Mawjoudin Queer Film Festival Tunisia and Aks International Minorities Festival Pakistan, to talk about issues impacting these festivals in their respective regions. The pandemic and the festival proceedings, political scenarios, censorship, Queers safety and well-being and most importantly communities and queer solidarity.


Speakers: Zeynep Disbudak (Pink Life QueerFest), Rania Arfaoui (Mawjoudin Queer Film Festival) and Waqas (Aks festival Pakistan edition)



Artivism: Art as Activism, Activism as Art

Sunday  15th  August @ 15:00

Venue: LGBT+ Danmark

Art can be a powerful tool for activists. It can grapple with the world and bring about change.Artivism blends social justice activism and art, empowering artists and activists to create and curate visual and performance art. Aks festival will invite artists and activists from SWANA region to talk about their work; how do they use their art to bring awareness in their region, what are the challenges and how do they overcome them. 


Speakers: Oumaima Dermoumi (Photographer), Humad Nisar (Filmmaker), Mykali (Art curator)