//Shortfilms: Queering S.W.A.N.A

Saturday 14th  August @  16:30 
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Venue: Cinemateket 


Total runtime: 104 min

Over the past decade a large number political queer feminist film and art festivals have emerged through the underground activism and the whole idea of these festivals is to celebrate the unheard diversity, creating safe(r) spaces and representation of minoritized groups.  Aks International Minorities Festival is part of a festivals network from South West Asian and North African (S.W.A.N.A), queer film festivals including Pink Life Queer Fest Turkey, Mawjoudin Queer Film Festival, Tunisia and Kooz-Aswat’s queer film festival, Palestine. This short film programme is co-curated in cooperation with the queer film festivals from the S.W.A.N.A region.

Event:  After the film we’d like to invite you for a drink and some music and perfomances in Asta Bar


I løbet af det sidste årti er et stort antal politiske queer feministiske film- og kunstfestivaler kommet til som resultat af undergrundsaktivisme, og ideen med disse festivaler er at fejre mangfoldighed og skabe safe(r) spaces og repræsentation for minoriserede grupper. Aks International Minorities Festival er en del af en festivalfamilie fra Sout West Asian og North African (S.W.A.N.A) queer filmfestivaler, blandt andet PinkLife Queer Fest Turkey, Mawjoudin Queer Film Festival, Tunesien og Kooz-Aswat’s queer film festival, Palestina. Dette kortfilmsprogram er kurateret i samarbejde med vores queer filmfestival familie fra S.W.A.N.A region. 

Event: Efter filmen byder vi på en drink, musik og sjov på Cinemateks Asta-bar.


The Other

Directed by Kübra Bekmez, Duration: 17 min,Year: 2019,  Language: Turkish with English Subs,  Country: Turkey

From childhood on, trans existences are pushed to face transphobia in the mangle of gender norms. Later in their lives, their processes are being tested by the prejudices and ostracism led by the same mentality.

Under The Blanket

Directed by Kardelen Eren, Duration: 15 min,Year: 2019,  Language: Turkish with English Subs,  Country: Turkey

Seventeen years old,  Yanki, discovers about his homosexuality while living under the strict rules of his mother. His mother, Nurten, would rather not talk about this matter but cure him from this sickness by calling a Hodja, a religious counselor,  at home.  


Directed by Fatimah Sattar, Duration: 7 min, Year: 2020, Language:Urdu with English subtitles, Country:  Pakistan

In between the mandalas and paisleys on the lines and pores of the bride-to-be’s palms, a Mehndi applicator finds a space for herself.

The Sun Will Rise

Directed by Mehdi Hajri, Duration: 36 min, Year: 2018, Language: Arabic, French with English subtitles, Country: Tunisia

Omar and Bahri, long-time friends, who share their desires, their sorrows and their love are about to see their daily life upset by the arrival of a student, Sonia, ready to do anything to achieve her goals.


Directed by Samira Saraya, Duration: 20 min, Year: 2020, Language: Arabic, Hebrew with English subtitles, Country: Israel

Yasmine, an openly lesbian Palestinian nurse, finds out that her lover, Or, an intelligence officer in the Israeli army have been reporting on their relationship. Yasmine’s sister arrives for a visit from the West Bank, not knowing that she is going to meet the occupying enemy at her own sister’s house.

Bellydance Vogue

Directed by Hadi Moussaly, Duration: 5 min,  Year: 2020, Language: Arabic with English subtitles, Country:Lebanon

My birthday was on the 3rd of April 2020, and for the first time, I celebrated it all by myself. But even if I was alone, I decided to celebrate it as if it’s the last one.” This film was made during quarantine.


Directed by Sadeq Es-haqi, Duration: 14 min,  Year: 2020, Language: Farsi with English subtitles, Country:Iran

Sarah, a teenage schoolgirl, faces few challenges with her sexual identity. She cannot express her feelings to her mother. She decides to leave home forever.