Janu Kapatti 

Friday: 20/3 @ 6:00 p.m. - Venue: HRCP, Lahore(for info: lahore@aksfestival.com)

A theater play by Khursand Bayar Ali  | Duration: 45 min | Country: Pakistan


Nautanki Productions is known for bold and unique theater plays with their DIY volunteer-based team of artists.  “Janu Kapatti ” is a play, specially made for the Aks festival, to celebrate and pay homage to Pakistani classic cinema and its openness towards minorities´representations. The cult classic film “Janu Kapatti ” played by Munawar Zareef, was a satire of a gender bender character, yet it was so progressive in its tone and is still relevant and inspiring to date. The play is a modern-day reinterpretation of the classic Lollywood Film of the past. Janu Kapatti is a critique of gender, class, and society in general which has been adopted into a modern-day fantasy story by Khursand Buyar and the team.

Meri Shanakht

Friday: 27/3 @ 6:00 p.m. - Venue: Karachi(for info: karachi@aksfestival.com)

A theater play by Mistagh Foundation  | Duration: 15 min | Country: Pakistan


Mistah Foundation is a charity based organization that provides free education and a safer environment for young children especially children from minorities and marginalized communities. Meri Shankhat is a theater play produced by the students of Mistagh Foundation, through their performances they will highlight the issues impacting the transgender community.





Raqs by Usama Abro

Friday: 27/3 @ 6:00 p.m. - Venue: Karachi(for info: karachi@aksfestival.com)

Usama is an emerging self-taught contemporary dancer and choreographer from Pakistan. His dance styles range from contemporary to kathak to funk. He believes that dance is one of the deepest forms of expression and it brings inspiration, beauty and hope to life. He has choreographed different dance projects in the past few years. For him, this journey of dance is the drive to the true essence of the goal. Dance is life and he always wants to remain true to the “grace” of dance.